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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Europe Leads World in Digital Terrestrial TV

Want to see the latest in digital broadcast television innovation? Go to Europe.

Europe is leading the world in the fast-growing digital terrestrial platform (DTT), though other regions are gaining momentum, according to the latest study by In-Stat.

With analog shutoffs (ASOs) approaching in North America and Western Europe, strong drivers for digital terrestrial set top boxes are on the horizon as consumers transition from analog to digital.

While other regions are further behind the digital curve, actions are being taken to expand digital services; whether it is formally adopting a standard (e.g. Honduras and ATSC) or anticipating DTT launches (e.g. Brazil), digital is becoming a global change.

In-Stat's latest market study found the following:

- Total unit shipments of digital terrestrial set top boxes will eclipse 47 million in 2011.

- U.S. converter boxes will hit the market in 2008.

- Revenue will have a more subdued compound annual growth rate (18.2 percent) than unit sales growth, in large part, due to decreasing set top box prices.