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Monday, December 03, 2007

Global and Regional Mobile Phone Trends

Third-generation (3G) handsets will continue strong growth over the next five years as second-generation technology wanes, according to a new market study by In-Stat.

Through 2012, fourth-generation network handsets are not expected to enter the market in sizable numbers. Helping to boost overall sales, subscribers owning and using several handsets will be more prevalent over the next several years.

This development is already widespread in many areas, especially where employers provide a mobile device.

The research entitled "2007 Global Handset Market Forecast" covers the worldwide market for wireless handsets. It provides forecasts for global handset unit sales and revenue by region and by technology through 2012. It also includes analysis of global and regional trends in the handset market.

In-Stat's study found the following:

- Worldwide handset revenues will reach $165 billion by 2012.

- Low-cost and ultra-low-cost handsets will push down the average selling price over the next five years, depressing total revenue.

- 3G growth will become more pronounced when China selects a standard and releases spectrum to operators.