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Search Showdown: The Brand's the Thing In a series of user tests run by Vividence, the answers that search engine users obtained for a variety of research questions were not significantly different. Google, MSN, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, and Yahoo! all gave similar success rates to users. But Google shone in terms of customer satisfaction, which goes to show that search is a potentially fickle brand game, resting on perceptions and preferences rather than performance. A couple of observations: - These kinds of test are often skewed toward simple, factual look-ups. That's not necessarily what people's real-life inquiries look like, however. Factual research is often part of larger, more complex problems a user is trying to solve. The test might say something about these services' quality relative to each other, but not suitability to all real-life research tasks. - Real-life searching is often not confined to a search engine or the content it can point to; savvy users view

Survey finds IT managers unfamiliar with their wireless networks

Despite carrier efforts to promote their wireless enterprise offerings, new research shows a significant number of information technology managers who have purchased wide area wireless data products don't know what kind of wireless network they use. Source
White Paper Explores Mobile Enterprise Apps Device manufacturers and developers can extend mobile access to Internet-enabled applications and transactions with IBM WebSphere Everyplace Embedded software. Source

Java for Palm OS

Java hasn't always been a viable option for Palm OS applications. Things are different now, and Eric Giguere explains why. Source