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Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends

In-Stat research reveals that cell phone users have mixed feelings about predicted new handset features -- "According to a proprietary survey of cell phone users by the high tech research firm, Wi-Fi- and Skype-enabled handsets, voice activation for text input, and mapping and traffic routing features resonate well. However, few respondents expressed interest in wireless phones that could be used as a wallet for purchases, or for watching TV programs. 42% of the respondents were very or extremely interested in voice activation for their wireless phones. More than 4 in 10 were very or extremely interested in buying a wireless phone with built-in Wi-Fi for voice and data. Just 12% had an interest in buying a wireless phone capable of receiving TV broadcasts. The report, Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010, forecasts when new trends in mobile phone features and services are likely to take off."

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Enterprise marketing faces a critical turning point in 2024, mirroring the shift from traditional outsourced media buying to digital marketing practitioners. A rapidly changing landscape of technological advancements demands a similar leap forward. Just as digital disrupted legacy media strategies, these trends render current enterprise marketing methods inadequate. Embracing a data-driven, agile, and purpose-driven approach isn't a suggestion, it's the imperative for survival and success in today's dynamic market. Applying generative artificial intelligence ( GenAI ) to a range of enterprise marketing tasks will result in a significant productivity increase by 2029, according to the latest worldwide market study by International Data Corporation (IDC). Marketing GenAI Apps Market Development "In the next five years, GenAI will advance to the point where it will handle more than 40% of the work of specific marketing roles," said Gerry Murray, research director at