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Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends

In-Stat research reveals that cell phone users have mixed feelings about predicted new handset features -- "According to a proprietary survey of cell phone users by the high tech research firm, Wi-Fi- and Skype-enabled handsets, voice activation for text input, and mapping and traffic routing features resonate well. However, few respondents expressed interest in wireless phones that could be used as a wallet for purchases, or for watching TV programs. 42% of the respondents were very or extremely interested in voice activation for their wireless phones. More than 4 in 10 were very or extremely interested in buying a wireless phone with built-in Wi-Fi for voice and data. Just 12% had an interest in buying a wireless phone capable of receiving TV broadcasts. The report, Future Cell Phones: The Big Trends, 2005-2010, forecasts when new trends in mobile phone features and services are likely to take off."

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