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P2P Video or IPTV, the Telco Dilemma

TV and video competition is extending past traditional terrestrial, cable and satellite, to telecoms behemoths (IPTV) -- "When telcos with IPTV aspirations acknowledge the difficulty in competing with broadcasters for TV audience in sophisticated markets like the UK (where digital terrestrial, cable and satellite penetration is strong), and acknowledge VoD transactions need to be high volume/price to make a profit contribution (since networks require upgrades and media firms take around 60% of revenues), they may consider the provision of more niche content as a differentiator."

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How to Capitalize on New AI-Driven APIs

The rapid evolution of the enterprise software landscape is amazing. One of the most significant trends I've observed is the surging demand for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) driven by the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs). According to the latest market study by Gartner, more than 30 percent of the increase in API demand will come from AI and LLM-powered tools by 2026. This illustrates the transformative impact these technologies are poised to have on leaders who innovate. The Gartner study paints a clear picture of the forces at play. Technology Service Providers (TSPs) are leading the charge in adopting Generative AI (GenAI), with 83 percent of the 459 TSPs surveyed reporting that they have already deployed or are piloting these capabilities within their organizations. GenAI API Market Development As TSPs help large enterprise customers integrate GenAI into their offerings, the demand for APIs to power these AI-enabled solutions wi