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Report on IPTV Content Strategies

MRG is announcing a new installment of its IPTV Tracking Service series, IPTV Content Strategies - May 2005. This report provides a comprehensive analysis of IPTV (IP TV) content deployment strategies in four major global markets. It reveals how international and local content developers, aggregators, and consultants are assisting IPTV service providers in the design and deployment of linear video, video-on-demand (VOD), and interactive services. "IPTV services cannot simply mimic cable or satellite to be successful," states Bob Larribeau, MRG Senior Analyst. "Service providers have to offer different and better choices to succeed against cable or satellite." On the way out is "forced buy-through," which requires consumers to subscribe up to 80 "basic" channels before accessing premium channels; and on the way in is "personalization," where consumers have direct choice over large groupings of linear and VOD channels, rather than paying for scores of channels they don't use. The report gives examples of how IPTV providers are innovating in two critical areas-better choice (without forced buy-through) and better interactive experiences.

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