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Sky Plans Broadband TV Service

Sky is expected to announce plans for a broadband television service that will allow subscribers to download a selection of movies and sports packages over the internet -- "UK satellite broadcaster BSkyB is apparently planning to offer the service to subscribers of its top-tier packages from the autumn. Industry observers have been expecting a move from Sky to exploit the growing potential of broadband to support its satellite subscription service. An announcement is expected later this week, according to a report in the Sunday Telegraph. Initially the service will require a broadband connection and a computer, but it opens the possibility of Sky offering broadband services and potentially a proposition that is more integrated with its Sky+ personal video recorder at some point in the future. While satellite broadcasting offers significant bandwidth to deliver hundreds of television channels, it is unable to offer true video-on-demand (VOD) services that can be provided with cable television. Satellite broadcasters are widely expected to extend their services using broadband to provide downloadable and on-demand programming."

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