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BellSouth Broadband Pricing Structure

BellSouth has simplified its residential "FastAccess" DSL pricing into fewer tiers. The options now include:

* New residential customers of FastAccess DSL Lite, which provides downstream speeds up to 256Kbps and upstream speeds up to 128Kbps, can order the service for $24.95 per month.
* New FastAccess DSL Ultra customers, who receive downstream speeds up to 1.5Mbps and upstream speeds up to 256Kbps, will receive the service for $32.95 per month.
* New customers of FastAccess DSL Xtreme, featuring downstream speeds up to 3Mbps and upstream speeds up to 384Kbps, can order the service for $42.95 per month.

In addition, BellSouth will no longer charge residential customers a service activation fee and will reduce the price of its modems and gateways to $75. Shipping and handling charges will be eliminated and customers will be given the option to pay for their modem or gateway in 10 monthly installments of $7.50, or receive it free (after rebate) if they order online.

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