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Market Leaders of Interactive TV Services

Next-generation television services that focus on interactivity are most likely to find success in Spain, the UK and Japan, with the US ranking sixth in a study that examines the digital readiness of 12 countries for interactive and personalised television services -- Consumers in general exhibited varied levels of interest in targeted television services specific to enhanced communications, personalisation, interactivity, and TV-to-PC convergence. The report suggests that operators planning to deploy IPTV or internet protocol television services will need to take into account the requirements of each region. In Spain, nearly 80 percent of those surveyed showed an interest in at least one key advanced television offering, especially those related to interactive features such as personalised recommendations and voting. In both the UK and Japan, 75 percent showed an inclination towards interactive services. In France and Canada the number was 73 percent, while in the US it was 72 percent. These were followed by Australia and Taiwan with 70 percent, with Korean and China with 69 percent and 68 percent respectively. There was apparently less interest in Germany and Italy, where 65 percent and 58 percent of respondents expressed an interest.

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