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Mobile Music, Gambling, Games Forecast

Music, gambling, games and adult content will help create a $42.8 billion market globally by 2010 -- Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to play music and games, gamble and access adult content, opening up lucrative new revenue streams for the mobile and content industries, according to a major strategic research report to be published next month. MOBILE ENTERTAINMENT, written by Informa Telecoms & Media over the last six months, predicts that the global market for mobile entertainment will be worth $42.8 billion by 2010. The report explores the entertainment sectors that are driving growth � including music, gambling, games video and TV, and adult content � and identifies the opportunities, challenges and threats the industry faces if the mobile entertainment market is to reach its full potential. Emerging new markets such as mobile TV, user generated services and personalisation (graphics and visual themes) are forecast to contribute a further $11 billion in revenues by 2010 as the market develops and expands.

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