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Growing Interest in Sharing Content

According to In-Stat, "Based on the changes recently seen in TiVo's customer privacy policy statement, it looks like the company is planning new functionality that will allow TiVo subscribers (with a series 2 Digital Video Recorder) to also download content from the Internet. For some households, this type of TiVo would then start to function as a media server. By connecting this recorder-storage to home networks, users should be able to transfer digital music from their PC to their entertainment systems, and take advantage of future features from TiVo's website.
TiVo has confirmed that it has a deal with the Independent Film Channel to offer a number of programmes to customers before they air on the cable channel.
IFC is a producer and theatrical distributor of independent films and provides the Independent Film Channel on cable television. The company is owned by Cablevision.

Our research shows that there is growing interest among US consumers to use home networks to connect their increasing library of digital entertainment audio and video files with their traditional entertainment equipment, such as their stereo and TV set. As consumers become more comfortable and familiar with the idea of bridging their PCs with their traditional analog equipment, and companies make a marketing push via products and consumer education, interest among consumers will pick up. Based on an In-Stat study, the most popular application sited for those who currently use or are very/extremely interested in using a media server to hold and send content around the house was recording and watching TV from any TV or PC in the home. Next was the use of any stereo to play their digital music files."

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