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Link Between Mobile Phones and TV

According to McKinsey, viewers who use their mobile phones to interact with TV shows are more likely to tune in again and to tell friends about the shows�interest that generates higher ratings and ad revenues. Broadcasters and advertisers should sit up and take notice -- McKinsey research suggests that viewers who use their mobile phones to send text messages to TV shows, either to vote in a competition or take part in a dialogue, are highly engaged and more likely to tune in again, to tell friends about the shows, and even to buy related merchandise. This added interest can increase ratings by as much as 20 percent for mainstream shows and 100 percent for niche ones � a message that many advertisers would be glad to receive. We asked 124 ad executives from 39 companies across Western Europe whether they would be willing to spend more money in channels offering this type of growth � for example, through new technologies such as SMS. More than half said that they would, and almost a third of the spending would represent new investment. Europe is ahead of other markets in experimenting with SMS-TV, and even at this early stage the extra revenues for broadcasters, mobile carriers, and technology providers added up to �400 million in 2003.

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The Rise of Open Hybrid GenAI Platforms

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been steadily transforming business, now a new wave is poised to make a seismic impact: Generative AI (GenAI) tool adoption. In fact, we may have already reached the inflection point. Unlike traditional AI that analyzes data, GenAI goes a step further. It applies analysis to create entirely new content, be it realistic images, marketing copy, or innovative product designs. A recent Gartner study revealed that GenAI is the most frequently deployed AI solution in organizations. This is marking the dawn of a new global era in human-machine collaboration. "GenAI is acting as a catalyst for the expansion of AI in the enterprise," said Leinar Ramos, senior director analyst at Gartner . "This creates a window of opportunity for AI leaders, but also a test on whether they will be able to capitalize on this moment and deliver value at scale." Global Generative AI Market Development Gartner's survey found that, on average, only 48 percent