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Machine-to-Machine M2M Market Forecast

A recent ABI Research study of the cellular machine-to-machine communications market compared the current breakdown of usage with projected utilization patterns for 2010.
Today, telematics accounts for nearly a third of all M2M equipment shipments, with manufacturing automation, monitoring and control accounting for less than a fifth. One of the most significant changes the research showed over the next five years, is the comparative increase in fixed M2M relative to telematics. "Telematics isn't going to disappear -- it will continue to expand and to play a significant role, especially with the growth of trailer tracking and other fleet management applications," says Erik Michielsen, the company's director. "But the fundamentals of commercial telematics can also be applied to cellular M2M in the area of fixed monitoring and control." How does this kind of M2M work? Consider utility meters that communicate their measurements to the power or gas company via cellular calls. Think of temperature and pressure monitoring of industrial equipment, particularly in the field. Think of pipeline flow monitoring. Some sensors can help optimize performance of equipment on the factory floor. Cellular M2M becomes especially useful where an outside vendor, without access to their customer's own network, is responsible for correct operation of industrial plant.

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