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Worldwide P2P Network Traffic Analysis

CacheLogic, Ltd. � a world leader in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) traffic management and network intelligence solutions � published a market study of file formats traversing the Peer-to-Peer Networks that identifies the formats of choice for audio and video files among file traders. This first-ever, truly definitive study is based not on estimates, but on actual packet data and traffic levels analyzed at Tier-One ISPs worldwide. Using the advanced Layer-7 technology found in both its Peer-to-Peer Management Solution and Deep Packet Inspection products, CacheLogic analyzed terabytes of data to discover a number of surprising new facts regarding Peer-to-Peer audio and video trading across the entirety of the Internet.

Overall Mix of Peer-to-Peer traffic by volume, across the 4 major Peer-to-Peer networks: Audio: 11.34 percent; Video: 61.44 percent; Other: 27.22 percent.

Microsoft video formats represent 46 percent of aggregate worldwide Peer-to-Peer traffic. 65 percent of all audio files by volume of traffic are still traded in the MP3 format, but a surprising 12.3 percent are in the open-source OGG file format (almost all exclusively traded on the BitTorrent network, particularly in Asia). BitTorrent is increasingly being used for the distribution of legitimate content. eDonkey is now the network of choice for video file trading.

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