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BRIC Countries Drive Mobile Subs Demand

1.37 billion new subscribers will be added to global mobile networks worldwide between 2005 and 2010 according to Pyramid Research�s latest mobile forecasts. Brazil, Russia, India and China, collectively know as the �BRIC� countries, will have an estimated 645m new subscribers � 42 percent of the world total. Interestingly, two other very populous countries � Indonesia and the United States � will each add more subscribers than Brazil over the next five years, although much less attention is being focused by the international vendor community on these markets.

�Given the fact that mobile penetration has reached saturation in Western Europe and developed Asia, it is no surprise that market players are seeking future growth opportunities for their businesses in fast growing developing markets. Vendors, in particular, are looking with a keen eye at four of the most populous countries in the world for the sale of their infrastructure and terminal equipment,� states Pyramid Research senior analyst Nick Holland.

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