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Reinventing Advertising at Digital Hollywood

It is with great pleasure that we announce the formation of the "Reinventing Advertising: VOD, PVR, Broadband, Games, PODs & Mobile Consortium at Digital Hollywood" at 17th Annual Digital Hollywood Fall, Sept. 19 - 21, Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

The first gathering of the Advisory Committee of the "Reinventing Advertising: VOD, PVR, Broadband, Games, PODs & Mobile Consortium at Digital Hollywood" is hosted by

Advisory Committee

"Reinventing Advertising: VOD, PVR, Broadband, Games, PODs & Mobile Consortium at Digital Hollywood"

Martin J. Yudkovitz, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, The Walt Disney Company
Bruce Eskowitz, President, Clear Channel Entertainment Properties
Shahid Khan, Managing Director, BearingPoint, Inc.
Duane Dahl, President/Chief Executive Officer,
Blake Krikorian, CEO, Sling Media
Warren Schlichtin, Vice President, New Business Strategies, Comcast Spotlight
Tim Hanlon, Senior Vice President/Director, Emerging Contacts, Starcom MediaVest Group
Terry S. Bienstock, Bienstock Consulting, LLC, former EVP & General Counsel, Comcast Cable
John Zagula, Partner, Ignition Partners
David Ernst, Executive Vice President, Director, Futures & Technologies, Initiative Worldwide
Albert Cheng, SVP of Distribution Strategy & Operations, ABC Cable Networks Group
Nicholas Longano, Chief Marketing Officer, Massive Inc.
Neil McGinness, Vice President, National Lampoon
Robert Hollander, President, Brand Sense Partners
Chris Pizzurro, Vice President of Multimedia Marketing, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
Stacy Jolna, Senior Vice President, General Manager, TV Guide Television Group
Maria Mandel, Partner, Director of Digital Innovation, Digital Innovation, OgilvyInteractive, New York
Mitch Oscar, Executive Vice President, Carat Digital
Garry Kitchen, CEO, Skyworks
Michael Kassan, Media and Entertainment Consultant
Jeff Binder, President, Broadbus Technologies
Larry Gerbrandt, SVP/General Manager, Nielsen Analytics, a division of VNU MMI
John MacDonald, General Manager, FINE LIVING TV Network
Aditya Kishore, Media & Entertainment Strategies, Yankee Group
Josh Rose, SVP, Creative Director, Deutsch
Hilmi Ozguc, CEO, Maven Networks

The Goal: "The Reinventing Advertising Consortium" is a group to help facilitate the understanding of content, commerce and communications across the mass media markets, TV, Cable, Satellite, Telco, Broadband, Mobile, Podcasting & Games. To that end, "The Consortium" will not only convene at trade events such as Digital Hollywood or CES, but will also reach out and hold "Creative Retreats" for Executives and Producers in Media, Entertainment and Technology to help broaden and enhance the reach and future of Advertising. To that end, we will be holding the first VIP Dinner of the Advisory Committee of the "Reinventing Advertising: VOD, PVR, Broadband, Games, PODs & Mobile Consortium at Digital Hollywood," on Tuesday, September 20th at 7:00 PM - at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel.

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