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DigitalLife for the Rest of Us

What do Cosmopolitan Magazine, IBM, AMD, Jackie Chan, Netgear, Newegg, Best Buy, Nvidia, ExtremeTech, Nintendo, and Microsoft all have in common? Answer: They'll all be at DigitalLife.

DigitalLife is a trade show that's organized and managed by Ziff-Davis. But it's not your typical trade show. Many large shows like CES or E3 are aimed at people who are buyers of massive amounts of technology for retail or online outlets, such as Best Buy or Other shows, like Game Developer's Conference, WinHEC, or Apple's WWDC are aimed at people who will be developing products.

To steal a bit of ancient Apple marketing, DigitalLife is the show for "the rest of us." It's aimed at people who are trying to figure out how technology � consumer electronics, PCs, home networking, HDTV � will fit into their lives. If you're looking to make a buying decision on a particular class of products � "do I buy an HDTV this year, and if so, which one," then DigitalLife is the show for you.

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