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AT&T Digital Lifestyles Retail Kiosks

AT&T Inc. announced two important retail strategies designed to bring a hands-on experience of products and services offered by the new AT&T family of companies to busy consumers during this holiday season.

The companies will open a variety of retail sites, including the new AT&T Experience Store in Dallas' North Park Mall, that will enable consumers to experience how "digital lifestyle" services from the new AT&T companies can enhance those must-have tech gadgets on every holiday shopper's list. The companies also have established a marketing alliance with Warner Brothers to jointly promote AT&T products and services with the studio's DVD release of the holiday feature "The Polar Express."

Beginning this month, the new AT&T Experience Store in Dallas' North Park Mall and the kiosks in Dallas' Valley View and The Parks and Columbus, Ohio's Tuttle and Polaris malls, will bring the living room, game room, and home office to life with integrated communications and entertainment services powered by the new AT&T companies.

The new AT&T Experience store and kiosks, combined with a product and services retail trial in alliance with 19 Cingular Wireless, CompUSA and Best Buy locations in Dallas, San Antonio and Columbus, will create hands-on "digital experiences" offering consumers the opportunity to test-drive products and services before they purchase.

AT&T companies will also be introducing "The Polar Express"-themed, interactive mall kiosks in 17 additional cities throughout the AT&T service territory as part of the "The Polar Express" marketing promotion. These themed kiosks will be available in most locations through December 31, 2005.

Knowledgeable personnel will be available to guide consumers through product trials and purchasing decisions. During the peak holiday shopping season, consumers in key markets will have the opportunity to:

- Check out the latest in online gaming, music and Wi-Fi lifestyle through SBC Yahoo! DSL

- Experiment with taking digital photos with a Web cam and e-mailing them to friends and family through SBC Yahoo! DSL connections

- View digital satellite TV shows on a Digital Video Recorder available through SBC | DISH Network

"The AT&T Retail Shopping Experience is designed to help educate consumers about AT&T communications and entertainment services in a relevant and meaningful way," said Scott Helbing, chief marketing officer, AT&T Consumer. "In today's marketplace, traditional mass market advertising is not enough. Including innovative retail experiences in our marketing mix, tied to promotions and advertising campaigns, will enable consumers to envision the products and services as part of their lifestyle, and ultimately help them make informed decisions that meet their communications and entertainment needs."

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