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House Bill to Apply USF to Broadband

Regardless of the fact that the continued mismanagement of government telecom-related funds has not been resolved, new proposals are constantly being introduced that would essentially increase the taxes and subsidies that masquerade as "assistance programs."

Universal Service Fund (USF) support would be used for broadband deployment, under a discussion draft of a new bill by House Representatives Terry (R-Neb.) and Boucher (D-Va.). The bill would expand the USF base by requiring payments into the fund by service providers that use telephone numbers or IP addresses or sell network connections.

�To change USF, I believe that all who play must pay,� said Terry. He called the draft a vehicle for reform that would remedy �inequities that exist today.� Boucher said he�s seeking comments on the draft by December 23, and plans to introduce a bill next year.

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