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Nintendo Users Given Free Wi-Fi Access

In what could be the start of massive consumer take-up of Wi-Fi services, Nintendo will announce that it will offer free wireless broadband access in Europe and Asia for users of its DS handheld game consoles.

The news follows an October announcement that the fast food restaurant McDonald�s will offer free Wi-Fi access in the United States to users of Nintendo�s DS handheld game consoles. The U.S. access points are being supplied by Wayport, which will receive an undisclosed sum.

In the United Kingdom, gamers will be able to use free hot spots at over 7,500 locations, including McDonald�s restaurants, Coffee Republic coffeehouses, Hilton and Ramada Jarvis hotels, Road Chef and Welcome Break service stations, railway stations, airports, football stadiums, and even at the British Library.

Wi-Fi hot spots also will be installed in major video game stores. Access is being provided by The Cloud, and BT Openzone, with Nintendo footing the bill.

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