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Home Gateway Initiative Close to Specs

The carrier-led Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) is close to releasing specifications that, it hopes, will enable vendors to deliver targeted and affordable products that match service providers' needs.

According to the group's CTO, Telecom Italia SpA executive Paolo Pastorino, a full set of technical specs will be ready by the end of this year. The HGI's members are holding a plenary meeting later this week in Bordeaux, France, to review draft proposals that were issued in October.

The specifications are set to cover a wide range of technology requirements and guidelines, including:

* remote management functions for efficient home gateway setup and troubleshooting;
* remote management functions to enable the automated provisioning and activation of services and the devices that communicate with the gateway;
* QOS (quality of service) management functionality, with a particular focus on enabling customers to manage their own QOS levels, and the need to map WAN QOS onto the customer's home network;
* required bit rates and coverage levels needed for specific services and applications, especially where bandwidth hungry services co-exist;
* security features that need to be implemented in the home gateway, the home network, and end-user devices.

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