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Innovations Design and Engineering Awards

Audiences are constantly being offered a wealth of intriguing and creative new ways to experience entertainment. For the ninth year in a row, the Consumer Electronics Association worked with the Industrial Designers Society of America to determine the cream of the latest crop in 30 different categories.

The recipients of Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Awards will be the center of a special showcase at the 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show, which begins Thursday in Las Vegas.

Two different set-top boxes are among the select few new products chosen as Best of Innovations. One is Leadtek Research's XTP8721, an H.264-based set-top box that can support triple-play technologies including IPTV, video telephony, video streaming, DVD playback, Voice over Internet Protocol, analog voice and Internet access. The other is Scientific-Atlanta's MCP-100 that combines standard and high-definition interactive television, a dual tuner HD-DVR, multiroom DVR, and a DVD player/recorder all in one.

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