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Mobile and Internet Holiday Shopping

A survey released by Greenfield Online and mobile content and solutions provider Motricity shows that 83 percent of consumers plan to use the Internet and mobile devices to buy holiday gifts, indicating a shift in consumer buying habits from traditional retail and catalog shopping.

Motricity says the findings are consistent with a similar survey conducted in the United Kingdom, in which 77 percent of respondents said they will use the Internet and/or a mobile device to shop during Christmas.

Other survey findings include:

* Almost 40 percent of respondents said Internet and mobile shopping have replaced other shopping means, confirming an emerging trend that mobile devices are becoming the new storefront.
* 60 percent of respondents plan to spend up to $200 on goods and services via mobile devices or online during the Christmas season, compared with 45 percent who will purchase the same amount in retail stores
* 50 percent of respondents said they tend to go to different stores and brands when shopping online, which could result in a loss of consumer traffic for brick-and-mortar retailers during the Christmas shopping season.
* 53 percent of respondents said they would use online and mobile shopping even more if they could accumulate loyalty points and other various discounts, while 34 percent of respondents are already enrolled in personalized loyalty and rewards programs.

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