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StimTVcinema to Launch in Q1 2006

NPOWR Digital Media says that it has finalized a series of promotional and marketing content deals with several major Hollywood studios, and that it plans to launch a second stimTV channel, stimTVcinema, in the first quarter of next year. stimTVcinema will have a similar format to stimTV music.

It will present viewers with a random stream of seven-second video clips of movie trailers, celebrity interviews, director commentary, behind-the-scenes footage and other film-related content -- when viewers see a clip that interests them, they will be able to click on it to view the full piece of content from which the clip is taken.

The channel will also offer personalization features: its underlying technology (for which NPOWR has obtained a patent) will use viewers' choices to tailor its streams more to their interests the next time they access them. In addition, viewers will have the option of creating an anonymous profile that will enable the service to further customize the video with which it presents them.

NPOWR says that it plans to launch additional stimTV channels over the coming year, and that each of the channels will feature a selection of content from the others. "While all stimTV channels will be themed around particular subjects, they will also incorporate relevant clips from the other channels to create a rich, well-rounded viewer experience," NPOWR chairman, Roland Perkins, explained. "For example, stimTVcinema may also feature music clips that will appeal to the college-aged indie fan."

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