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The Strategic Program for Intel Viiv

According to an In-stat assessment, the Viiv approach reinvents the personal computer and recasts it as a high-performance personal media server. Features like "instant on" create a usage model that lets a high-performance PC emulate an entire array of network-connected Consumer Electronics products.

Intel is developing a wide range of features that will let a Viiv PC share Personal Content among Consumer Electronics, PC-compatible devices, and, eventually, with multimedia Cell Phones and mobile PDAs. With Digital Cable Ready technology and Downloadable CAS, a Viiv PC would also be able to act as a Personal Video Recorder that can be played back from any TV in the house.

Personal Computers are already the repository of most consumers' digital music, photographs, home videos and other Personal Content. By making it possible for Professional Content to co-exist and be shared on in-home networks, and with portable devices, Intel's Viiv architecture will open the door for new opportunities.

The Viiv features and functions sit on top of specifications approved by the Digital Living Networking Alliance (DLNA). Intel's Viiv partners develop their own products, and then submit them for extensive compatibility and interoperability testing. Intel has five testing and certification labs up and running throughout the world, and they are adding a sixth.

The initial Intel Viiv products will be announced at the Consumer Electronics (CES) show next month, and all during Calendar Year 2006 we will be seeing announcements and updates on the emergence of Viiv certified Personal Computers, along with other Viiv certified products, in the US, in Europe, in Japan, in Asia and throughout the world.

Intel has made it clear that Viiv is a major strategic program that will help move the entire PC industry forward, and help guarantee that consumer's will embrace the idea of making Viiv products part of their emerging Digital Lifestyles.

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