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U.S. Broadband Market Assessment

Red Herring reports -- While the number of subscribers signing up for DSL broadband services in the United States continues to outpace the number of new subscribers for cable broadband services, cable operators continue to hold a shrinking but significant lead over the hard-charging telecommunications carriers.

Leichtman Research Group, a research firm based in Durham, New Hampshire, issued a report on that said the 20 largest broadband providers in the United States acquired a record 2.6 million net additional subscribers in the third quarter of 2005. The top DSL providers added 1.42 million subscribers, representing 54 percent of the net broadband additions for the quarter, while cable providers added 1.2 million subscribers.

With the 1.42 million new subscribers, DSL providers set a new all-time record, according to Leichtman. The total number of new subscribers for DSL service in the corresponding quarter in 2004 was 379,000 fewer. Cable�s 1.2 million new subscribers were about 80,000 less than the record set by cable providers in the third quarter of 2004.

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