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Womens 2005 Holiday Technology Shopping

WITI (Women In Technology International) and IDC released the findings of its 2005 holiday survey. The market study reveals that nearly 80 percent of female respondents plan on purchasing technology gifts this year � with digital cameras, iPods, and iPod accessories representing the must-have gifts of the season.

"A surprisingly high 63 percent of women polled will do the bulk of their 2005 holiday shopping in December," said Seana Dowling, research director, Quantitative Research Group at IDC. "This indicates a great opportunity for last-minute marketers to strongly target female purchasers with their holiday marketing campaigns. Additionally, we saw that seven out of the top 10 technology gifts were portable technologies � signifying a movement for women to integrate technology tools in their daily lives."

When polled "Who in your household has made or will make the majority of the holiday gift purchases," women represented more than 26 percent of the sole purchase decision-makers in their household, as compared to almost five percent of their partners or spouses. Additionally, of these sole purchasers, 25 percent of women and only 15 percent of partners/spouses will be the ones purchasing technology gifts this holiday. This indicates that women will hold the majority of technology buying power in the family dynamic.

"The survey revealed that in addition to purchasing gifts for friends and family this season, there is an increasing trend of women buying technology gifts for themselves," said Dana Thorat, research manager, Mobility Metrics Primary Research at IDC. "We see this for four out of five of the top technology gifts."

Carolyn Leighton, CEO, chairwoman and founder of WITI continued: "This study strongly highlights that women are critical in both advancing technology innovation from a development side, as well as driving the adoption and usage of personal technology in daily activities."

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