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Mobile Content Portals Remain Key Platforms

IDC forecasts that the mobile portal market will increase to around 74 million users in 2010 in Western Europe, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10 percent. As mobile markets shift towards 3G services, the role of mobile portals clearly represents a key development area, bearing many of the applications and services that can help the take-up of 3G in the consumer market.

"Since 2004, other interesting developments have taken place in the mobile industry regarding mobile portal usage and content," said Rosie Secchi, senior analyst of IDC's European Wireless Communications service. "Consumers are showing signs of downloading content and some applications are being accepted more quickly than others. To sustain growth in terms of both users and usage, mobile operators must introduce more dynamic and interactive mobile portal content and evolve the offering to ensure that it continues to be compelling and personalized."

The globalization of branding and services will lead to a rise in pan-European players operating across multiple regions and countries. "This new trend is seeing the biggest network operators in Europe battling for markets, further emphasizing how important it is for a mobile operator to own its customers, thus providing value through branding, sponsorship, content, and effective marketing," said Secchi.

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