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Verizon Redefining the Broadband Experience

Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg will outline the role Verizon is playing in delivering a "total broadband experience" to customers and how Verizon's new multimedia networks are evolving to ultimately deliver digital content on any device -- anywhere, anytime.

"The high-tech industry has long had a vision of networks capable of delivering 100 megabits to the home," Seidenberg said in prepared remarks. "Today we are delivering on that vision. Our unique fiber architecture has the two-way capabilities and multimegabit speeds the digital customer wants. Our FiOS TV product is fully digital from day one, with tons of high-definition content. All of that is good news for the electronics industry, because it fuels the market for faster home PCs and high-definition TVs."

"Looking ahead," said Seidenberg, "we are developing the operating systems, applications and next-generation TV experience that will give customers access to all their digital content on any device, any network, any time they want -- in a way that's as intuitive and transparent to the customer as the telephone or the Internet is today."

"Customers are endlessly creative in imagining ways for broadband and mobility to transform their lives and change the way our society works," Seidenberg said. "Verizon's job is to make sure that -- whatever great communications idea anyone can come up with -- our networks can help make it happen."

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