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Verizon to Bundle CPE and Services

Light Reading reports, Verizon-branded home networking equipment will soon be available at the same stores where consumers shop for their plasma TVs, MP3 players and personal computers.

The Verizon-branded broadband equipment -- including fully branded and packaged wireless routers, desktop and notebook cards, and USB adapters -- will be sold at many of the nationwide retail outlets that already sell Verizon Online DSL service. The products will be available in stores starting in the spring. A list of specific stores will be announced shortly.

"Verizon is leading the way in providing our customers with broadband services that help them stay connected, informed and entertained. But services are only half the story," said Catherine Stanley, Verizon director of brand management. "With the help of our current and future licensing partners, Verizon will 'complete the solution' for its customers. And by bundling broadband services and products together, Verizon will make it easy for consumers to get what they need in one store visit."

Stanley said the Verizon networking equipment will be competitively priced, and in-store merchandising will include unique kiosks, signage and displays. In addition, marketing programs will include rebates, coupons and other special offers.

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