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BT Unveils New Vision TV Service in the UK

TelecomTV reports that UK telco BT announced that its national IPTV service will be called BT Vision. The service, which BT claims as a world first and which is due to launch in Q3, will combine digital terrestrial TV with on-demand film, TV and music programming, as well as interactive services.

The service will be delivered on a software platform powered by Microsoft and through a set-top box made by Philips. Unlike other pay-TV services, there will be no requirement for a paid subscription.

"Our choice of the name BT Vision encapsulates the qualities needed to make this offering successful and underpins how important our next generation TV will be in the converged world," explained Dan Marks, chief executive of TV Services. "BT Vision will be offered nationwide and will not be restricted to metropolitan areas and as with Freeview there will be no mandatory subscription."

BT Vision will be enabled by the BT Hub, the device that is at the heart of BT's strategy for the converged home. The hub will also allow wireless networking for a family's PCs and laptops and up to five different calls to be made at the same time using voice over internet technology.

BT's most recent announcements of content deals for the new service include a deal with leading TV production company Endemol to license programming and develop cutting-edge interactive content for BT Vision.

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