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DSL Home Gateways: Triple Play and Beyond

Residential DSL gateway devices present a potentially huge opportunity for telecom service providers to gain firm control of residential broadband voice, data, and video service usage - but carrier success in establishing a strong presence in the digital home is far from assured, according to a new report from Heavy Reading.

The 66-page report analyzes how, when, and why residential DSL gateways may emerge as the linchpin device that will tie together the disparate elements that now appear in broadband-enabled homes, including PCs, video set-top boxes, next-gen gaming consoles, 802.11 wireless devices, packet-based voice terminals, home security systems, and remote management products. It evaluates the current role DSL gateways can play in networked homes and analyzes how that role is likely to change as products and technologies develop and mature.

"Over the past 12 to 18 months, residential DSL gateways have begun to take center stage in the digital home, and especially in the minds of major broadband service providers," Senior Analyst Graham Finnie notes. "Increasingly, service providers see residential gateways as a key mechanism in the battle both to deliver higher-value services over broadband and to gain better control over customers in order to reduce churn."

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