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IPTV Study Exposes Marketing Challenge

Informitv reports that a survey of consumers across the United States and Europe has found that nearly half of them do not understand the term IPTV, which implies that more than half of them claimed they do -- although most of them probably do not.

Awareness of internet protocol television was naturally highest in countries where services are gaining acceptance, notably in the US. In the UK, 58 percent of respondents did not know what IPTV meant, but in each country studied there was a range of definition, with many referring to watching television on a computer or viewing the web on television.

Unsurprisingly, the study from Accenture reveals that that the term �IPTV� has very little meaning for many if not most consumers, and even those who know the term have widely differing views on what it actually stands for, yet there is widespread interest in the types of services it enables.

The study defined IPTV as delivering broadcast-quality digital television and other services over a broadband network using internet technology. The findings suggest that consumers do not care about the underlying technology and that consequently service providers need to concentrate on features and functions that people understand.

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