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VC Investment Gaining in Wireless Sector

According to a new report by telecommunications research firm Visiongain, investment in wireless technologies is on the rise, bucking a general trend of venture-capital decline over the last five years.

In 2005, 152 wireless-related companies received about one billion euros in funding, a 24 percent year-on-year increase. Visiongain predicts that investment in the industry will continue to grow, reaching an all-time high this year.

"Wireless is where the action is, and this is a great time to be a wireless start-up in search of venture funding," said Visiongain analyst Lynne Gregg. "As the U.S. public markets remain weak and private equity investing grows outside the U.S., we will see many more IPOs of wireless companies taking place in the public markets outside the U.S., such as the London Stock Exchange's AIM."

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