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Broadband Video Library Demand in Britain

Informitv reports that in a recent survey, most UK broadband users that expressed an interest said they would be prepared to pay �10 a month for a online library of downloadable films and television content, and over 60 percent said they would pay up to �25 a month.

While prospective users may tend to overstate their propensity to pay, if 3.7 million of them were to spend that much it would be worth nearly a billion pounds a year. Usability is a vital consideration, the survey concludes, and marketing is also very important. The service needs to be sold on benefits � in other words the programming � as opposed to technology.

The GfK NOP Digital Entertainment Survey is part of a regular tracking study covering trends in consumer online behavior. A total of 1,600 respondents across Great Britain were interviewed in December 2005.

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