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Cable CFOs Brazen about Telco Competition

The National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NTCA) Show in Atlanta started with Cablevision CFO Michael Huseby saying not only will cable beat back the telcos, it will "take their broadband customers away."

According to CableFAX Daily, while he�s not happy with statewide franchising bills, Comcast CFO John Alchin doesn�t appear to be too concerned with telco competition in the video arena. The telcos �have a long road ahead of them� before they can be a viable competitor on video, he said, with the biggest challenges being �operational, like digging up the streets� and convincing customers to accept �a me-too, fourth-in-the-market product.�

Alchin and other CFOs speaking on the opening-day panel contend cable�s decade-long battle with DBS providers has bolstered its products, marketing and operational strength, putting the cable industry in a great position to compete with the telcos. Cable�s �hitting on all cylinders,� Huseby said.

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