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Consumer Video Social Broadcast Network

Broadband video distribution company, DAVE.TV has launched a service it is calling the "Social Broadcast Network" (SBN), which allows end-users not only to upload and broadcast their own videos, but to create their own TV channels featuring their own content, content from other DAVE.TV users, and ad-supported content from DAVE.TV's network of content partners.

The service enables consumers to create playlists showcasing their own creations and their tastes in media, and share them with their family and friends. According to the company, SBN is designed to capitalize on the success of user-generated content services, such as YouTube, and of social networking sites, such as MySpace.

Among other things, SBN allows consumers to embed a DAVE.TV 'MyChannels Player' into their own MySpace page, blog or Web site, so that the content lives on their site rather than on a central portal site. DAVE.TV is touting this feature as changing the paradigm of media distribution from the current "one-to-many" model, where users go to a central portal to explore and acquire content, to a "many-to-many more" model, where users can explore and acquire content from their peers.

As an incentive for consumers to embed the MyChannels Player, DAVE.TV plans to share advertising revenues for any ads viewed via the Player on end-users' sites. "With DAVE.TV's new Social Broadcast Network, we are empowering a whole new generation of consumers by enabling them to create, share and broadcast content," said DAVE.TV CEO, Rex Wong. "We are revolutionizing media distribution by de-centralizing distribution while leveraging viral distribution and word-of-mouth marketing."

DAVE.TV says that it is working with various studios and record labels to create applications that will allow consumers to adapt those studios' and labels' content. According to the company, the first such application will launch in the coming months, and will allow the online service users to make their own music videos.

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