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Deutsche Telekom T-Home IPTV Service

Informitv reports that the new T-Home service will be available to customers in Germany, France and Spain in the second half of 2006. �Our objective is to offer customers a convenient �Plug and Play� solution that can be set up and operated both quickly and easily,� said Kai-Uwe Ricke, chairman of Deutsche Telekom. �The Cisco solution helps us address that need.�

The delivery network is based on Cisco IP NGN or Next Generation Network systems. The IP set-top boxes from Cisco Systems will support the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform, in the largest planned European deployment of the platform to date.

Based on an X 300T Media Receiver from KiSS Technology, the Danish company which Cisco acquired in September 2005, it will include a personal video recorder with an 80 gigabyte hard disk capable of storing up to 70 hours of programming. It will also feature dual digital terrestrial television tuner, and can be controlled remotely over the internet. The device is high-definition television compatible and provides an HDMI digital video interface as well as SCART connectors.

Earlier in the year, Cisco announced the acquisition of Scientific Atlanta, further enhancing its position in the emerging market for internet protocol television and switched video services.

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