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Indie Short Filmmakers Find Home Downunder

Australian streaming media company Viocorp has launched a broadband VOD Web site called 'Nice Shorts,' devoted to short films. The company says that the site is designed to allow independent filmmakers to find an audience for their work.

In addition to a line-up of indie shorts, the site provides, among other things: a profile page for each filmmaker whose work it features -- the profile can contain production skills, a resume, a filmography and general information about the filmmaker; mini-documentaries about various film-industry jobs -- the documentaries answer such questions as: "What does a gaffer do?" and "What is a day in the life of a stuntman like?"; behind-the-scenes featurettes on new and future releases; the ability to rate and review films featured on the site; and exclusive interviews with film-industry figures, who provide information on how to break into the business.

While the site is targeted primarily at Australian filmmakers, Viocorp says that it has received, and that the site will feature, submissions from the US, the UK, Finland, the Philippines, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, South Africa, and other countries. The Ausi company, which claims to have a line-up of sponsors already in the works, is aiming to have 1,000 films on the site by the end of the year.

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