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Unofficial AT&T U-verse Beta Test Blog

Multichannel News reports that AT&T has been quietly beta-testing its IPTV product, U-Verse, in San Antonio, but it now has a potential nightmare client -- a technology savvy blogger.

Alan Weinkrantz, a local San Antonio PR firm owner, will begin to detail his impressions of the product and relate the "save" offer made to him when he dropped his Time Warner Cable and Roadrunner service at his blog site. He intends to continue his very public ongoing review throughout his four-month trial of the product.

Weinkrantz has technology clients, although AT&T is not one of them, he stressed. "I don't hate the phone company. I don't hate the cable company. I'm just having fun," he said of the blog. So far, he misses his Time Warner-delivered HDTV and his digital-video-recorder service, he said. But he's impressed that his television screen now has its own IP address and he likes having a home media gateway controlling three TVs, he added.

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