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Yahoo Helps Tech-Challenged Consumers

Yahoo! Inc. launched 'Yahoo! Tech,' a new Web site that gives consumers plain-English advice and information about choosing and using the technology that has become a part of their daily lives.

Yahoo! Tech was developed with the simple philosophy of making technology easy for all Yahoo! users, especially those without a deep understanding of technology and gadgets. The site features a broad selection of original and licensed content, hundreds of thousands of products with community product ratings and reviews, as well as shopping, community and personalization features from across the Yahoo! network.

Four experienced technology advisors, each focused on a specific audience such as "moms," "boomers" or "working guys," offer daily guidance for consumers looking to choose or use consumer electronics from one of 19 categories, including computers, cell phones, digital cameras and MP3 players.

Yahoo! Tech offers users product and technology content from several leading consumer technology outlets, much of which is available exclusively on Yahoo! Tech. Consumer Reports provides product rankings from their most popular electronics and computer categories, previously only available online at Wiley Publishing, Inc, which publishes the For Dummies brand, will provide specifically written articles taken from various For Dummies technology titles and shared exclusively with Yahoo! Tech users. McGraw-Hill Professional will offer content from its best-selling "Quicksteps," "How to Do Everything," and "Headaches" series. Yahoo! Tech also features product reviews and information from the leading names in technology publishing, including PC World, CNET and PC Magazine.

In addition to the licensed content, Yahoo! Tech has developed original content that brings a unique voice and perspective to the site. The Yahoo! Tech editorial team will develop product packages and roundups on topics from "Best-Value PCs" to "Must-Have Gadgets for a Road Trip," while four Yahoo! Tech Advisors have been selected to address the tech needs of specific audiences through daily commentary about technology in their lives.

Yahoo! Tech will also feature original video programming, with a new initiative called "Hook Me Up." The program showcases Yahoo! Tech users receiving technology makeovers with a twist. Each three to four minute episode will feature a Yahoo! user receiving a mini tech makeover that enhances their life. One of the most important ways that people can learn about which products are right for them is from other people like them. Yahoo! Tech incorporates the voice of the people with integrated product ratings and reviews and questions and answers from Yahoo! Answers.

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