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How to Improve Your CE Device Brand Score

According to Forrester Research, a higher brand "score" can translate into longer-lasting power for your consumer electronics device brand in the marketplace and increased sales. To boost your brand's score:

Connect with technology pessimists where they shop. Tech pessimists are less likely to research and purchase products online and are more likely to prefer to deal with in-person or over-the-phone sales and customer service representatives. To reach these consumers, increase your brand's offline presence in big-box retailers where you are more likely to connect with tech pessimists, as Sony has done with its Sony Store @ Target.

Enlist users in the brand experience. As socially minded consumers lean increasingly on peers and less on institutions for media, information, and advice, brand loyalty loses rank to price loyalty. Involve consumers in the brand experience and direction with spaces for social and brand interaction, such as a branded blog. These techniques are currently employed by companies like Vespa, GM, and Stonyfield Farm.

Become a customer advocate. Consumers who believe that a company puts their best interests ahead of the bottom line are more likely to be loyal to the brand. Financial brands like USAA and GEICO that have a customer advocacy message are more likely to retain and up- or cross-sell current customers.

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