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Adverts that People Want, Not Merely Tolerate

MediaPost featured an insightful column by Dave Morgan entitled "Bringing 'Skip This Ad' To An End." The following excerpt captures the essence of his thinking on this topic. My question, can the typical legacy advertising agency really make this transition with their current leadership?

As long as consumer ads are viewed from the perspective of exploitation, and 'creatives' are told to make an emotional connection that moves a consumer from awareness to action, no matter what, then 'some day' isn't going to happen soon.
"I think that there is a good chance that 'Skip the Ad' buttons will disappear some day; and, most significantly, consumers won't even care.

How is that possible? Simple. The advertising will get so much better and so much more useful that consumers won't want to skip it. This is the challenge that we as an industry should embrace. We should strive to produce and deliver ads that people want, not just ads that they are willing to tolerate. This is what it will take for online to win in a future that is all about the consumer, not about the media, the advertisers or their products.

How will we do it? We'll do it with more relevant ads. We'll do it by providing more value in our ads for consumers, with more and better information or entertainment. And we'll do it by giving consumers more control over the ad experience, such as better interfaces for interactivity or the improved capabilities to select lengths or formats."

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