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CNN Tries to Rekindle Investigative Reporting

Red Herring reports that CNN opened a portal for citizen journalists in a step toward blending reports provided by its viewers with stories produced by the world�s most-watched news network.

I believe that this action is a very promising experiment, and I hope that it will lead to a return of CNN's investigative reporting credibility. Regardless, independent content producers clearly don't need to rely on CNN, or any other legacy news organization for global exposure. In contrast, CNN really needs to evolve away from the shallow "news as entertainment" format.

The network said selected content uploaded to its CNN Exchange portal may be aired as an �iReport� on CNN, CNN Pipeline, CNN Radio, and CNN International. CNN has long accepted submissions for broadcast consideration, but the new portal makes it much easier to upload content.

�We feel this is the first time a global news organization has created a real destination for its users to view user-created content,� said CNN spokeswoman Jennifer Martin. CNN will screen user-submitted clips, photographs, quotes, and commentary. It pledges to hold the content to the same standards of authenticity as 'professionally produced' news material.

In contrast, there was no mention if the current CNN produced content would eventually be held to the higher-standard of the old Cable News Network -- you may recall, long ago, that news reporting was their forte.

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