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Global Broadband Build-Out Benefit Vendors

The broadband boom continues, says Infonetics Research in three new reports tracking the broadband CPE, DSL aggregation hardware, and CMTS markets.

According to the reports, worldwide broadband CPE sales increased 5 percent to $1.4 billion in the second quarter of 2006; DSL aggregation hardware sales increased 14 percent to $1.8 billion; and while CMTS sales dropped 18 percent to $211 million on the heels of a blockbuster 30 percent gain in the first quarter, CMTS revenue is up 15 percent from this time last year and is expected to post strong growth through 2009.

"This quarter's growth in DSL port and broadband CPE unit shipments is proof that the race to build out broadband access networks and sign up subscribers continues unabated," said Jeff Heynen, directing analyst for broadband and IPTV at Infonetics Research. "CMTS port shipments were also strong, despite falling from last quarter's record performance, as cable operators expand their footprint and capabilities to both extend their success in signing up voice subscribers and counter the threat posed by telco fiber deployments. The continued deployment of a wide range of CPE again points to the effort by providers to offer tiered services."

Broadband CPE Market Highlights include:

- Worldwide broadband CPE unit shipments are up 5 percenet in 2Q06.

- IP set top box sales are up 89 percent from 1Q06, as more service providers begin volume deployments of IPTV.

- Worldwide voice CPE sales are up 10 percent, as more service providers opt for voice-enabled CPE to stimulate ARPU.

- Motorola overtook the lead for overall broadband CPE revenue in 2Q06, and Linksys moves from 1st to 2nd.

DSL Aggregation Hardware Market Highlights include:

- Worldwide DSL aggregation hardware DSL port shipments are up 8 percent between 1Q06 and 2Q06.

- VDSL continues to grow steadily, but not at rates previously forecast, as ADSL and ADSL 2+ will serve as the primary access method for most subscribers.

- IP DSLAM sales are forecast to more than triple between 2005 and 2009, as they are increasingly deployed in new-build areas around the world, especially Asia Pacific.

- The number of worldwide DSL subscribers is forecast to reach 274 million in 2009.

- Alcatel and Huawei maintain the #1 and 2 spots for worldwide DSL aggregation hardware revenue, respectively, while Lucent jumps up to 3rd.

CMTS Market Highlights include:

- Though the overall quarter saw a decrease in worldwide CMTS revenue, port shipments increased, showing that cable operators continue to build out broadband networks in response to the competitive threat they feel from telco PON FTTH and DSL deployments.

- Cisco, Arris, and Motorola (in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions for worldwide CMTS revenue, respectively) capture 96 percent of worldwide CMTS market revenue.

- The number of worldwide cable broadband subscribers is forecast to reach 71 million in 2009.

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