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Multi-Room Home Media DVR for FiOS TV

Verizon has launched its Home Media DVR service for its FiOS TV customers. The service supplies a multi-room DVR that connects the Motorola QIP6416 DVR set-top box to remote terminal Motorola QIP2500 set-top boxes for up to three simultaneous viewings of programs recorded by the dual-tuner DVR, according to Current Analysis.

The DVR device can record up to 120 hours of standard definition (SD) programming or up to 20 hours of high definition (HD) programming on a 160GB hard drive. The new service also includes Verizon's Media Manager software, which networks digital photos and music stored on home PCs, making them accessible on home TVs. Home Media DVR costs $19.95 a month, with a $3.95 monthly fee for each additional remote terminal set-top box.

Verizon uses Actiontec Electronics' wireless broadband home router to provide Verizon FiOS TV subscribers with the ability to link home PCs wirelessly to the Internet. The router connects to the Home Media DVR, letting subscribers view photos and play music on a TV format using Verizon's Media Manger software.

Verizon uses the MoCA coaxial cable home network standard to link the Motorola QIP6416 Home Media DVR set-top box to the remote terminal Motorola QIP2500 set-top boxes in customers' homes, providing multi-room DVR functionality.

Verizon currently offers a wide variety of digital video packages ranging from a basic 35-channel service for $12.95 a month, to an expanded offer of 180 video and music channels for $39.95 a month, including access (for a fee) to 2,500 VoD titles. The carrier is also offering a 140-channel Spanish language package for $32.95 a month, a sports package with 15 sports channels for $5.95 a month, and 45 channels of Starz, Encore, Showtime, and The Movie Channel for an additional $11.95 a month. The carrier also offers 14 HBO channels and 12 Cinemax channels, with each set of channels available for $14.95 a month.

Since its September 2005 launch in Keller, TX, Verizon FiOS TV is now available in 60 markets in seven states, passing more than 1.5 million households, with 100 local video franchises secured.

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