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Apple's Trademark Fight Inspires Pod2Mob

An innovative and savvy over-the-top mobile content services start-up company,, has created a video promo clip and posted it on YouTube for their target audience to enjoy.

IMHO, their two-minute video is a valid example of what creative marketers can do to utilize YouTube -- and other similar viral video portals -- as a way to gain low-cost online exposure. Produced using a soundtrack of Justin Timberlake's latest hit, this clever vignette takes advantage of the recent news media coverage Apple has attracted.

Pod2Mob taunts Apple iPod owners to "cut the white cord" and try their mobile phone-based free podcasting service. It's not clear if they used a traditional advertising or interactive agency to produce this video. Perhaps no ad agency was involved, which would be my guess.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Pod2Mob says that it's "a software publisher dedicated to the expansion of personal portable media. The founders of the company are a balance of promising prodigies and well-weathered pioneers of the digital revolution. Pod2Mob aims to offer audiences easier access to media while expanding the vision of the market for content producers and publishers."

In other related news, Information Week has picked up the storyline, now that Apple has taken their tradmark dispute to the UK market. The computer giant has been sending cease-and-desist letters to companies using the word "pod," stating that they are infringing on its trademark. A British company is the latest to announce it has received a warning from Apple regarding its yet-to-be-released "securipod" wallet.

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