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Site Offers Daily Ranking of Top Viral Videos

Market Watch reports that a daily compilation of "the most talked about videos" on the Internet has been launched at the website.

Scott Button, of Unruly Media in London, called his four-week-old project "the world's first comprehensive and independent online video chart." Button said his team of three people "scans several million blogs a day to see which online videos people are talking about the most." They analyze Web log posts to find references to videos on MySpace, Google Video, and YouTube to find those with the most buzz, producing a daily chart.

"While those video sharing sites all publish lists of the videos most popular with their own users - rather like HMV, Virgin or Wal-Mart might publish music charts based on their own sales data - no chart has, until now, attempted to combine data from all three in a credible way," Button said.

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