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U-verse Early Adopters are Patient Customers

Some of the brave early-adopter customers of the AT&T U-verse (IPTV) service have been sharing candid comments about their personal experiences on a website called

Like most early-adopters of new technology products and services, these customers are more patient and understanding than many consumers would be in a similar situation. The site's administrator, uvadmin, apparently waited about a month for the U-verse service to be installed after he was told that it was readily available -- where he lived in San Antonio.

Yesterday he posted the news that his U-verse services has not been working at all for the last three days. In a commentary entitled "Down Three Days and Counting," he briefly refers to what he has been told is the known problem. However, it's not clear how many other AT&T customers are affected by this extended service outage.

AT&T has certainly had its share of 'Lightspeed' critics, particularly regarding the slow pace of the U-verse market deployment thus far. However, I commend the AT&T leadership team for moving cautiously until the service delivery platform is fully proven, and a quality service offering is known to be sustainable.

Like the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Clearly, AT&T is doing the right thing by delaying further U-verse deployments until the service reliability meets their, and their customer's, expectations.

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