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SXSW Film Conference and Festival Lineup

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival announced its complete lineup of panels, short films, retrospectives, and new additions to the feature film schedule.

The panels lineup will conclude on Tuesday, March 13 with a special session entitled "Ready for Primetime: TV Comedy Today" featuring notable TV performers and producers such as Seth MacFarlane ('Family Guy'), Al Jean ('The Simpsons'), Rob Corddry (Fox's new show 'The Winner,' 'The Daily Show'), and more.

Other notable additions to the panels lineup include: "A Conversation with Bill Paxton" on Saturday, March 10, the addition of filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell ('Shortbus') to the Monday, March 12 session "Sex Scenes Stay Hard," and a multimedia presentation by acclaimed animator Emily Hubley.

The complete panels lineup and schedule will be on the SXSW Web site on Friday, February 16.

"The panels aspect of the SXSW Film Festival has always been a crucial and important part of the experience," says Festival Producer Matt Dentler. "Every year, attendees are able to learn and share with some of the best in the film business. Most importantly, things are accomplished and put in motion."

In addition to the panels added, the SXSW Film Festival has also announced its lineup of shorts for the festival. They include nearly 100 films from around the globe, encompassing the worlds of animation, documentary, experimental filmmaking, music videos, and more. The full lineup of short films can be found on the SXSW Web site.

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